July 28, 2009


The above editorial wasn’t all that well-written, but it brings to the forefront of my mind something that’s been brewing in my mind. Namely, Obama’s Presidency will be a net negative in terms of race relations.

His completely gratuitous comment regarding the Boston police “acting stupidly” was uninformed, not necessarily wrong, but he couldn’t have know that at the time. (But it seems the more we learn about the altercation, the worse the Professor looks)

Taking a step back, this one’s really funny. Three officers at the scene: white, black, and hispanic? All of whom believe they acted properly. How could the President find himself in this needless predicament?

Simply because during last week’s press conference he broke character and was himself for a moment.

My belief that the social world behaves much like the physical world leads me to conclude a President who believes in identity politics for people of color can not help but produce an equal and opposite reaction in the other kind of people. That’s not leading us in the right direction.

Meanwhile Rasmussen had him at negative 10 today, up from negative 11 the day before:


Some people think Rasmussen is biased, but Gallup had him as third from the bottom since Truman in terms of popularity at the six month point. He’s about where the second Bush was in July 2001. That’s after the disputed 2000 election; hardly a ringing endorsement from the American people.



Cap’n Trade

July 24, 2009

Support for my belief the bill won’t pass in the Senate.



The Post Sells Access

July 2, 2009

I thought this was a good take on it. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard the term “legacy media’ before, but work and family life leave one significantly out-of-the-know.


I’m really wondering how well Obama’s strategy of telling Putin the Cold War is over is going to work.


Hopefully, he won’t practice the look into his soul technique.