Talk about confusing correlation with causation. . .



Were I a Liberal . . .

June 27, 2011

. . .  and I had read an adulatory piece about Obama a year and a half before the election, then I might have been swayed to consider him for President. After reading this adulatory piece about Michelle Bachman, I will now pay attention to what she has to say.

That she is now virtually even with Romney in Iowa demonstrates how wide open this field is.

It also underlies the importance of charisma. Obama’s is completely lost on me. Other than his acceptance speech on election night I haven’t seen him deliver a speech I could even call adequate. His inaugural address was so holier than thou they should have started impeachment proceedings the next day.

At the last Board meeting a friend argued a centrist like Romney has the greatest chance of beating Obama. With Obama as unpopular as he is. . .

(Unpopular? Yes. A little over seven weeks we took out bin Laden. Today Gallup has his popularity as negative 6; )

. . .it may be more important to nominate a candidate that appeals to the center of the Republican party, rather than one who appeals to the middle of the country.

We shall see.

At this point Republicans are so desperate to beat Obama that they’re going to rush toward any candidate they think has a chance of beating him without looking too closely at their other merits, whatever they may be.

This isn’t the best way to find a candidate, but it’s understandable, given the situation.

. . .being able to use a plant you just spent hundreds of millions of dollars building, then businesses won’t be able to count on much in Obamaland.

Favoring unions over bondholders at GM; Can’t pass legislation? then just do the same thing with EPA mandates; War Powers Act? Those explosions in Libya aren’t a war.

And they wonder why no one’s hiring. Just imagine what havoc he could wreak with four more years.

George Will on Fire

June 19, 2011

“America’s intervention in Libya’s civil war, the most protracted and least surreptitious assassination attempt in history, . . . ”

Another gem:
“Obama, a novel kind of commander in chief, explained in passive syntax that “it is our military that is being volunteered by others to carry out missions.” These “others” would rather finance their welfare states than their militaries, so they cannot wage war for 10 weeks without U.S. munitions and other assets.”

It’s impressive how Will critiques Obama, The UN, the US Congress, and NATO so well in so little space.

I think this paragraph of the llinked article sums up the “scared businessman” theory:

“Since January 2009, American businesses have faced at least three big potential risks to their bottom line besides the lingering effects of the 2008 crash: A) the possibility of tax hikes B) the possibility of greater costs for health care to employees imposed by government and C) the possibility of much higher costs for energy use triggered by cap-and-trade legislation or some sort of tax aimed at reducing carbon emissions. A GOP-held House can obviously block most legislative efforts in this area, but as long as Obama is president, the threat of these policies being enacted or similarly deleterious ones through the regulatory process, is nonzero.”

Furthermore the favoritism displayed in the granting of health care waivers to unions and businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district fuels the belief that the deck is stacked against anyone not on the “inside” and breeds cynicism in terms of the motives of the chief executive.

Other than that, he’s doing a fabulous job.