Newt Putsch

January 28, 2012

I vaguely remember Gingrich’s overthrow, but I never read a first-person account of precisely how it happened. You may find it interesting reading.

There’s more in there of course, but I think  just reading about how it happened is interesting enough.

No, not even close. It’s like the Battle of Berlin in 1945. They’re coming from all directions. There’s a seemingly endless supply of them, and they’re not going to stop before he’s a smoldering piece of rubble.
It’s amazing how many enemies Gingrich has made over the years.
 “We’ve got the audio. I don’t have it ready to play yet. It’s back in the stack somewhere. I’ll find it eventually, but he did say all this stuff. I just didn’t know it. That’s what has me stunned. My memory of Newt Gingrich is as a premiere defender of Ronald Reagan. So this stuff caught me totally by surprise. And all these people — Elliott Abrams, Bob Tyrrell, Dr. Krauthammer — have impeccable credentials. And then there’s this. This is a post at The Corner, National Review Online. “Operation Chaos in Reverse.” It’s actually a front page Washington Post story. “Liberal Groups Join in Florida Ad War Against Romney — Newt Gingrich isn’t the only one trying to beat Romney in Florida.
 Limbaugh has a meandering monologue about it. He says it doesn’t match his memory, but now that he sees the evidence he believes the negative things to be true.