. . . over their lack of economic progress over the past fifity years.


This seems odd coming from a man who blames the Internet for job losses. The lack of self-knowledge is astounding.



You know. . . Andrew Breitbart dying on the day he was going to release potentially damning evidence about the President.


Regardless, this reminds me of a staple plot of TV shows during my childhood

  • Person A commits a crime, perhaps murder
  • Person B learns about it
  • Person B tells Person A they’re going to the police
  • Person A kills person B

If I learned nothing else from the six hours of TV I watched daily during my childhood, it was never tell a murderer you’re going to the police.

A well known aphorism is that it’s perilous to try to kill the emperor and miss. It’s worse to inform him of the time and date you’re going to make the attempt.

But, perhaps, Eli Wallach put it best.


Halting Production

March 2, 2012

Clearly the most direct approach GM could take to live up to the claim it is selling every Volt it can produce.