is now appealing for votes explicitly based on race. I am sickened more than normal.


Obama famously was called a liar at the State of the Union address when he proclaimed illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered by the Health Bill. So, instead the Democrats are proposing to make all those people citizens (in front of college graduates wishing to gain citizenship honestly).

Which doesn’t, of course, mean they wouldn’t, in practice, be covered by the Bill in their current status.

But it does make you wonder how stupid he thinks the American people are.


Couple of things

April 25, 2010

Even the New York Times (well, at least one writer) has noticed the cowardice and danger involved with self-censoring images of Mohammed.

Another editorial discussing why smart people are one of the biggest problems we face today.


“I’m a former Red Sox fan, now fully rehabilitated. No, I don’t go to games to steel my spine, perfect my character, journey into the dark night of the soul. I get that in my day job watching the Obama administration in action.”

. . . in an effort to prevent the health care bill from being repealed, the United States will attack Iran during the lead up to the 2012 elections.



April 21, 2010

The same show depicted Buddha snorting coke. The creators were trying to make a point, and they apparently were successful in their mission.

The best part is Mohammed wasn’t really depicted at all. Santa Claus was the one in the bear suit (See the episode, if you dare). No word yet from outraged Christmas secularists.

Holden Caufield is rolling over in his literary grave.