Do we really want to go there?

February 24, 2012

Friend’s email

The Times weighs in, taking bets against us.

Who even needs four columns outside a city when it has a fifth column inside?


My reply:

Unfortunately, Samuel Huntington is not yet sufficiently influential to try to point to his least appreciated insight, but if he were, then indulge my trying to identify it.

The idea that national prestige built on military or economic power leads people to believe its precepts should be emulated; the corollary being that other nations will doubt their own.

That’s precisely what’s going on now. Thomas Friedman among others look at China’s rise and see “the future.” These latter-day Edgar Snowes don’t seem to care about the authoritarian manner in which China rules.

In fact, the writer of the Times editorial above admires it. He reduces the massacre at Tiananmen Square to just another bump on the road to economic prosperity.  He accuses the West of having too much faith in Democracy without acknowledging his own faith in the Chinese oligarchs to act in the best interests of their country.

That the West can not become more authoritarian is nonsense. That’s the direction it’s already going. Krauthammer wrote the President issued his first decree last week by compelling insurance companies to issue birth control, definitely not one of his enumerated powers.

In essence The President believes the Legislative branch is redundant to his own power. What else to make of his belief the EPA can establish regulations via Executive fiat when Congress fails to pass similar legislation?

The President has openly stated his admiration for China in a state-of-the-union address no less. Is this creeping authoritarianism or are we now up to a trot?


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