What now for North Korea?

December 19, 2011

North Koreans are going to convert en masse to a moderate form of Islam, earning them great respect in the Western media, which will garner them billions in foreign aid. They will use this aid to wage a great debate within Islam, ultimately defeating the immoderate Salafists, thereby helping to avoid World War III.

Oh wait, that’s what Nicholas Kristof is thinking.

I suspect there will be some random bellicosity thrown around. You may recall they shelled a South Korean outpost some time ago, killing two. This guy was reported to have ordered the attack. I suspected at the time this was to shore up his credentials as a someone who could get away with attacking the West. He’ll probably have to do something like that again to demonstrate his durability as a leader and to consolidate his power. A few years ago they tested one of their missiles by lobbing it over Japan. Something like that might do the trick.


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