Backseat Driving

November 11, 2011

Cain apparently did have some legs, but his lack of experience was going to end his run. Gingrich has moved into second according to one poll. He’s only four points behind Romney.

Mr. Romney, 23%
Mr. Gingrich, 19%
Mr. Cain, 17%
Texas Rep. Ron Paul 10%
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, 8%
Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, 5%
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman
former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum got 1% apiece.

Here is some evidence evangelicals may forgive the adultery-thing.

In World War II we allied ourselves with Stalin after he had already killed via famine over five million Ukrainians. In this time of crisis, perhaps, the Evangelicals can get over themselves.

Gingrich has some interesting potential liabilities.

He’s on the record against sharia law. I think it’s the right call, but many Americans will find it odd it’s on his radar screen at all. He also agrees with Dinesh D’Souza’s contention Obama is an anti-colonialist. I initially agreed with the contention. Then I had second thoughts. Now I’m not sure again. I don’t quite understand why Obama thinks oil exploration in Brazil is a good thing, but it’s bad here. Environmentalism doesn’t cover it. It’s just weird.

George Will thinks it’s a kooky idea and that entertaining it discredits Conservatives. But lately I’ve been agreeing with Mr. Will less than I have in the past.

And so it goes. . .



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