Nobody Got Rich on his Own

September 29, 2011

It  kind of amazes me how the Left loves this quote. Follow the below link for a representative example.

The idea, of course, is that a factory owner owes everybody something because everyone paid for the roads,etc. Beyond the collectivist thinking involved that worked so well for the Ukrainians during the 30’s, there’s this.

Warren bases her collectivist thought on the idea that the “rest of us” are paying for stuff. A couple of points:

A little less than 50% of households don’t pay federal income taxes. Does this mean the aforementioned factory owner does not owe them anything?

If the factory owner through taxes subsidizes some of these households’ living expenses, then do they owe him something. What? and how much of it?

Is our debt to one another proportional?  Should the benefit one derives from the government be in direct proportion to the amount one pays? Warren opens up some intriguing possibilities

Or am I correct that a collectivist argument based on “payment” nullifies itself?


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