Actually Watched the GOP Debate Tonight

September 28, 2011

It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I liked Gingrich the best by far. I am very out-of-step there. It’s kind of dismaying to me just how far.

I didn’t like Perry all that much. Romney appeared more credible than I expected. I generally like Santorum’s writing, but he comes across as a jerk (like that Lazio guy from NY). Bachman doesn’t have it. Gary Johnson is insufficiently “Presidential;” Whatever that means. This site apparently forgot he was going to be there altogether.

I still don’t understand why Huntsman thought he stood a chance. And then there’s Cain. I was wondering why news stories never mentioned this guy because he was doing pretty well at the grass roots level among Conservatives. You can understand how this might get in the way of the MSM’s depiction of Conservatives in general and the Tea Party in particular.

So, Cain can’t be ignored anymore. He clearly states what he believes, and he comes across well, but I don’t see how the economics of 9 9 9 work out without a drastic cut in spending or a crazy expansion of economic output or both.


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