It’s Never Just One Thing

August 13, 2011

In the recent Wisconsin recall elections, the Democrats picked their best six opportunities. They only got 47% of the vote. Conservatives are stating part of the reason for their poor showing is the reforms enacted by Walker are already working.

My favorite example:

“In Appleton, the collective-bargaining reforms allowed the school district there to save $3 million by bidding for health care on the open market. Previously, the district had been required to purchase health insurance from WEA Trust, which is affiliated with the state’s largest teachers’ union. When the Appleton School District put their health-insurance contract up for bid, WEA Trust magically lowered their rates, saying they would match any competitor’s price — a sign they had been fleecing local taxpayers for years.”

I could not have imagined this sort of thing would result from the ending of this institutionalized corruption. No wonder the Unions are fighting tooth and nail. They are stealing money from us in ways we can scarcely imagine. They’re the only ones who have a firm grasp on how much they have to lose.

I didn’t watch the Republican debates. Candidly I rarely watch any political debates. They generally make me cringe; like watching a movie where the main character is going through some sort of hideous embarrassment.

But, based on reports, Pawlenty doesn’t seem like he stands much of a chance. As you know, I generally like governors as Presidential candidates. Representatives don’t have administrative experience, which oddly enough, seems to be a key qualification for being an effective administrator.

Two months ago, my sister-in-law predicted a Perry/Rubio Republican ticket. She could very well be right. I had thought Christie was going to run. He may judge he hasn’t been in office long enough and this may not be his moment or his last chance.

Everyone says they’re concerned there aren’t enough “leaders” out there. But consider this, with talent like Walker, Christie, and (reportedly) Bobby Jindal (I don’t really know much about him), the Republicans are grooming the next generation of leaders.

These potential leaders are in a better position than Reagan because Liberalism has had another twenty years or so to further discredit itself. So, they start with a stronger political base. A base, not just based on economics, but based on the deterioration of the nation’s, and, indeed, the Western World’s values.

This latter issue plays strongly to Conservatism’s strength.


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