Romney; Maybe not as Sceptical

July 6, 2011

I’ve been sceptical of Romney’s candidacy, but he got an unexpected potential endorsement from Jim DeMint.

Like him or hate him DeMint does speak for the Tea Party element of the Republican party. So, he speaks for the folks most likely to pose a problem for the Republicans by pulling a Perot (or a Nader) and handing the Presidency to the party most dissimilar from them. Not a great strategy, but it happens.

DeMint’s endorsement could come at a price. Perhaps, Michelle Bachman as Romney’s running mate. Thus, the moderates and the Tea Party alike would each have something to believe in. Also, the Evangelicals held in check by Romney’s Mormon faith can look beyond him to Bachman, who is clearly one of them.

I had counted Romney out. Now, I’m less confident in that judgment. He’s got name recognition and no one besides Bachman appears to have any charisma.

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