In Support of My Pessimism Regarding the Middle East

March 12, 2011

As I mentioned earlier, I know virtually nothing about Egypt. Nonetheless, I believe it likely it will slide into Islamic radicalism. I found this paragraph of the article I linked below to be particularly interesting.

I should add I know nothing about the credibility of this publication either.

“As a hint of what might be in store for Egypt, consider the city of Alexandria. Once it was a cosmopolitan summer resort famous for its secular, carefree atmosphere. Now it is about the least fun place to live in North Africa. All Muslim women in the city are veiled, among the young often for fear of otherwise being labelled a whore; and violence between local Christians and Muslims is commonplace (23 Christians were killed by a bomb planted in a Coptic Orthodox church on New Year’s day). Most bars have stopped serving alcohol. The only women to be found on the beaches, even in the height of summer, are those taking care of their kids — and they are invariably covered from head-to-toe in black.”

Among other things I don’t know is the current state of Alexandria. I know that it’s named after Alexander the Great (hence the name). I know that the Romans burned the library there, destroying many great works. I know that Nasser expelled all the Greeks there after revoking their Egyption citizenship.

I do recall reading an article five or so years ago about women getting their own beach there. I doubt it was for the benefit of the women, but, of course, all the onces interviewed said how great it was to be away from the men.

Anyway, I’m inclined to believe this account, and I think I can see where this is all going.


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