Even if I concede. . .

March 11, 2011

our President doesn’t inherently wish our country harm, he seems to have a strange fascination with authoritarian systems. What do Democrats do when they win elections. They run roughshod over the minority, pulling any legislative trick they can to advance their agenda.
As Obama said, “I won.”
What do Democrats do when they lose. They leave town to prevent the majority from doing their job. I would argue they’ve been able to advance their agenda through the court system so long that they no longer really believe in Democracy. The court system is an oligarchy if there ever was one.
If you believe all the decisions they’ve made are in your favor and you internalize how you got there, then that must weaken your affection for that “whole legislative thing.”
So, Hillary says she wished she could get what she wants by waving a magic wand. Our President cites a totalitarian nation three times in the State of the Union address, and now he tells us how easier it would be if he were President of China.
Yes, how easy. Just lock up your opponents, exercise your will. After all if running a country of 300 million is such a bore, then running a country of 1.3 billion must be cake.
Thank God the head of every sane persion in the country hasn’t exploded because they’re going to be needed to vote in 2012.

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