February 23, 2011

This one is just really funny;
George Will demonstrates how Republican governors are calling Obama’s bluff and demolishing his attempt to pretend to move to the Center:
This one I just love: He likens the public sector unions to an organized kickback scheme; Here’s my interpretation; If you can sentence Tom Delay to three years in prison for depositing corporate money into the RNC account and then transfering a like amount of money to the campaign accounts of state legislators then shouldn’t it be just as illegal for a politician to compel taxpayers to pay civil servants’ salaries, then compel a given amount of those salaries to go to a Union, which then deposits a portion of those funds into the campaign funds of those same politicians?
I also love it when writers quote FDR directly as to why public sector unions are simply beyond consideration.
I feel like going to Madison myself.
On another note, our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President is having no great luck on the foreign scene. In the State of the Union he praised China, the country imprisoning the most recent Nobel Peace Prize winner. And while he was happy to tell Mubarak to move on, he just can’t seem to get the words about Qaddafi (or however you spell it). Why? I think we need to give D’Souza’s theory regarding Obama’s anti-colonialism another look.
Here’s Obama’s take: Mubarak was an American ally. Hence he must be bad. So, out with him as soon as he looks weak.
Not only does Qaddafi hate America, which immediately gives him street cred, but also Reagan bombed his residence, killing his adopted daughter. So, we’re really to blame for everything that’s wrong with that wretched place.
Yes, I’m kind of exaggerating my impression of Obama’s mind-set, but what’s your explanation of his ushering Mubarak out the door while being tolerant of the leadership of Iran and Libya?

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