What a Reporter!

February 1, 2011


“And, yes, there is a measure of chaos. In my old neighborhood of Bab el-Luq, as in much of Cairo, young men stand at every intersection all night to man checkpoints aimed at stopping looters and criminals. The young men are armed with clubs, machetes and, occasionally, guns, and they carefully checked my ID. I passed through dozens of these checkpoints.

None of these armed men asked for money or were hostile; indeed, when they found out that I was an American journalist, they were as friendly as a gang of young men holding machetes and clubs can be. But it’s still true that armed roadblocks every 100 yards is not a sign of normal city life.”

Of course, it wouldn’t occur to him to wonder whether these armed men just kind of randomly decided to become a police force or were part of some larger organization; and that, perhaps, the answer to this question may say something about the likely future of Egypt.

What a freaking goober.


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