Some optimism to reinforce my pessimism

January 30, 2011

Iran sees big opportunity in these revolts.

There are some things you never forget. In this case I recall the Ayatollah Khomeini ambling down the tarmac on his triumphant return to Iran. Everyone was saying what it mistake it was to have installed and supported the Shah all those years. Western guilt hung in the air.

The Western press treated it like the astronauts returning from the mooon. Carter was optimistic because Khomeini was a “man of God.” William Sullivan, the US Ambassador, had reported earlier the Ayatollah could play a “Gandhi-like” role in the country.

This just reinforces my point that no one in the West really knows what’s going on. The trick is to look like you do.

So, right now the reports are we’re publically supporting Mubarak, but behind the scenes supporting the revolt. The evidence? A communication with a single activist. Really? So, I suppose they’re thinking no matter what happens we knew it all along.




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