I Met the new Homeland Security Scanners on a trip to Las Vegas and back

January 28, 2011

I have less admiration for Janet Napolitano than I had before. I would say something else, but I’m trying to minimize the probability of having the inside of my right leg touched on the next flight. I much preferred the “system” she referred to where airline passengers took security into their own hands. (pun unintended, but appropriate). In Stephan’s world we would also allow those passengers to try and pass sentence on the accused before they deplane.

I will say something positive. The agent told me he was going to touch the inside of my front leg, but he just brushed the outside. It’s going to take the TSA some time to find the sort of deviants and power-seekers who will follow these sort of orders without question or, perhaps, enjoy them.

You think unmarried priests are a problem? Just wait.

On a positive note, for a few weeks, I was afraid the President was actually pivoting, pulling a Clinton. After hearing the SOTU speech where he apparently discovered we have a problem with education in this country (Thank you, Mr. President! as Noonan wrote today, “Who knew?”) and hearing about all the benefits of solar panels and high-speed rail I realize he’s just as much an ideologue as I thought he was.

Egypt is in flames (or so the reports say). Perhaps, they exaggerate. Perhaps, not.

But the same people who scoffed Democracy could be brought to Iraq now seem to believe it can spontaneously arise in Tunisia and Egypt. I’m betting on the Extremists. They’re the ones with the underground organization.

After WWII the Communists in Greece who (60,000 of them) had done a great deal of the resisting against the Nazis figured they should inherit the nation. They had a pretty good case, and they were the ones who were organized. It took massive help from the British and US Governments for the Nationalists to prevail.

I suspect in the case of collapse of these two governments, there will be no clear entity to which to give support and no Will (thank you, Friedrich) to do so even if one could be identified.

I haven’t seen this written anywhere, but the parallels to Iran are 1979 are stark. Julian Assange may go down as the most effective Useful Idiot in history. Or, perhaps, non-Islamist Democracy will spontaneously arise (which might make him a hero), but it’s hard to see that happening.


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