Clean Energy is the New Cap and Trade

January 28, 2011

More on the intransigent ideologue point.

Michael Gerson, whom, as near as I can tell is a moderate Republican (Calls Sarah Palin a problem; Obama was right on the NY mosque thing) wrote a column recently called “no-bend Obama,” noting that his SOTU speech was the same old stuff using prettier words.

I love this part:

” Any focus group facilitator will tell you that the dials go up with words such as “investment” and “competitiveness” – or “daffodils” and “lollipops” – and down with words such as “debt,” “crisis” and “bankruptcy.”

So, my evolving point of view is that he’s a politically savvy ideologue. All the signs were there in terms of his Presidential campaign, but I think my own preconceptions got in the way of identifying the truth.

Oddly, Gerson thinks it matters who is right rather than who earns political advantage. So, you may wish to discount his point-of-view.


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