Thinking back. . .

December 20, 2010

Remember the erupting volcano last summer that was going to forever change air travel?

I barely do, but it was a fixture of the news and conversation for a week or two. Then it disappeared. But when the story was alive it was played as a modern Armageddon.

That one was fairly short-lived. But then there are things like Global Warming, which isn’t going to happen either. Thus, the strategy of renaming it “climate change.” Ingenious, but no one’s going to buy it.

Along these lines there was the coming ice age as advanced in the late 70’s, the Malthusian limits of growth hypothesis a few years before, and Acid Rain in the 80’s.

I’m sure there are a lot of these short or long-term, soon-to-be-forgotten disasters of the moment.

Can you help me identify any others?


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