Dateline 1943: Roosevelt Announces Withdrawal from Pacific Theater of War

November 19, 2010

Apologizes for past American provocations. Reparations discussions not off-the-table. Initates multi-front effort to boost self-esteem of those with whom we’ve recently been engaged in overseas operations.

Churchill to begin immediate withdrawal from North Africa. Fleet to be recalled, scrapped.

America’s favorability rating in Germany and Japan up by over 20 percent. President cites as evidence new strategy is working.

Government control of key industries, rationing to continue indefinitely.

(Link above expired; As I recall it had something to do with Obama’s need to apologize endlessly for the United States, while believing the world will all be sunshine and daisies  should the US pull back it’s military)

I mean really. Why should anyone take us seriously?

It’s kind of sad that the surest route to regain respect internationally will be to put a nut job in the White House, just to remind world the United States is a force to be reckoned with.



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