Some Election Night Observations

November 3, 2010

Of course, the first one I should make is that I was wrong about the Senate  [Democrats held]. Separately I predicted there would be 241 Republicans in the House when the dust settles. We’ll see if that prediction is any better.

Some other observations:

Tonight I heard Christine O’Donnel speak for the first time. She’s even dumber than has been reported. Not only that, but she wins the competition for least graceful concession phone call to an opponent. She bragged to her supporters about lecturing Coons on the call. God, I really hope Fox News doesn’t give her a contract.

Fox News called the Senate election for Barbara Boxer approximately two minutes (no exaggeration) after the polls closed in California. As I write this CNN (web) is reporting Fiorina with 20,000 more votes than Boxer with 30% of precincts reporting (whatever that means). Copied text below

Vote %
(Incumbent) 1,414,936 47%
Fiorina 1,434,410 48%

30% reported (estimate

It’s probably based on some exit polls, but can you really call an election two minutes after the polls close when the vote is this close two hours later?

Networks report very different poll results at the same time. Sometimes off by 100,000 votes. I noticed this with the Colorado Race. Also, for whatever reason the C-Span couldn’t find half the votes that other network were reporting in Nevada. How do news organizations get these results? Do they each have to piece it together or are they all getting it from the same source?

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