It’s not often I Write Something in Praise of FDR

November 3, 2010

. . .but I do so only to compare him to Barrack Obama, or more truthfully to forward Dorothy Rabinowitz’s comparison.

It’s fairly well-known Obama has been running down the electorate as being too scared and stupid to realize the good things he’s done for them. In this he displays the temperament of a despot who rationalizes taking control so that He may better care of the people better than they could themselves. As Charles Krauthammer has pointed out one would have had to be “illused” in the first place to be disillusioned by this revelation.

Rabinowitz contrasts this whining with Roosevelt’s expressed confidence in the American people.

‘Your government has unmistakable confidence in your ability to hear the worst without flinching and losing heart.”

He said this in a radio address on February 23, 1942. Just a couple months after the attack on Pearl Harbor and with Japan and Germany still on a roll, some may have been excused for losing heart.

I asked each of my parents how they dealt with the fear of losing during WWII. My mother worked at Bell Labs. My father served in the China-Burma-India Theater of the war.

Each of them replied similarly. It hadn’t really occurred to them that America might lose.

My father said something like ‘We knew it was going to be hard, but we never really doubted we’d win.”

I give Roosevelt a lot of credit for instilling this sense of confidence in the American people through his calm, considered leadership and his expressed faith in the American people.

What we have today isn’t even a cheap imitation.


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