Face the Nation

October 31, 2010

Email Exchange; Read from bottom
My Reply:
It’s hard to know what to say. It’s one thing to demean oneself; quite another to demean the Office. If only Obama could have been half as quick as Ahmadinejad was at Columbia University. I’m also not sure what to make of the influence of comedians in politics. Colbert testifying in character before Congress in an openly mocking manner? And they just take it? Pelosi calls it “Great?”
The above link quotes Nina Totenberg and Evan Thomas about how this election scares them. Evan Thomas, the man who said Obama was a God above the country, calls the election a joke.
He may be right for reasons he apparently can’t comprehend, but the people who are going to carry the day on Tuesday are the ones not laughing. I’m nor sure Thomas can begin to comprehend that.
I think Conservatives find Liberals pretty easy to understand. What’s so hard about the reverse?
I’m coming to understand just how frightening Fox News must be to these people.
Friend’s email;
…replayed the clip from John Stewart’s interview with Barack Obama in which the President said the message would be “Yea we can but…” and Mr. Stewart guffawed in his face, triggering laughter from the audience.  I commend the audience for looking to their comic overlord for a signal about whether or not to laugh in the face of a sitting president.  At least they were open to the possibility of respect.
It got me to wondering where it began.  I thought about Clinton on Arsenio (not yet president, but a step closer), and then earlier, Nixon on Laugh In (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80JC6frK0gA&NR=1).  Gerald Ford taped an opening of SNL (Live from New York…) while he was president.  Is there anything else remotely comparable?  GWB was scorched by Stephen Colbert at the Gridiron Dinner; maybe Mr. Bush should have known better, but so should Mr. Colbert.  And I must give Mr. Obama credit for blowing off two Gridiron dinners in a row.  They lost their privilege of feting a sitting president. 
Of all that I might hold against Mr. Obama, perhaps the greatest thing is his willingness to appear on Comedy Central while in office.  No journalist laughed in FDR’s face, nor in Ike’s, nor Reagan’s. 

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