The Truth will Set us Free

October 26, 2010

Anyone who supports this guy really needs to take a look at how much they believe the means justify the ends.
This is the lead story on Drudge right now.
“He [Obama] said Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch and then stood by and criticized while Democrats pulled it out. Now that progress has been made, he said, “we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”
Yeah, I know. This is just one statement. I no longer care. He’s exceeded the threshold of reasonable doubt, but he’s, at least he’s done it in a useful manner.
He’s spelled out how much he didn’t mean what he said during his campaign about working across the aisle. And he’s used inflammatory racist allusions to do it, which demonstrates how little he considers or respects the Republican (and a lot of Independents) point-of-view.
These are ideas beneath the dignity of the Office he holds. Earlier I wrote about Soviet apologists. You really have to be an Obama apologist not to be enraged.
As a [particular] friend would say, “UBELIEVABLE.”

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