You don’t need to be a Chess Grandmaster. . .

October 21, 2010

. . . to see that reform is going to be a lot more expensive than anyone has publicly stated. It’s possible another purpose of this legislation is tie up so much money in this mess so as to require us to reduce our military spending to the end of reducing the role the US plays in the world, which is, after all, another Progressive objective.
Two for one; brilliant.
As the government gets more control it will then be required to determine (as National Health Care systems tend to do) which procedures are worth doing. It’s instinct will be to pay less for everything. How can anyone argue differently? That’s it’s approach to Medicare and Medicaid. What’s going to change?
This will result in a reduction in the supply of health care. The next stage will be for the government to tell us to lead more healthy lives so as to better serve the State by reducing it’s expenses. This is already in motion and anyone who thinks this isn’t going to happen fundamentally does not understand the mentality and the incentives that apply to a human being predisposed to being and having the responsibilities of a regulator.
If absolute power corrupts absolutely then a people essentially surrendering themselves to the state in this regard will be prepared to give up everything else. (The premise of that sentence would require more argumentation to justify the conclusion than for which I have time at the moment.)
Regardless of economics, people who value freedom must oppose this law on moral and ethical grounds. Time to start throwing tea into the Bay. Someone might want to start a movement based on that premise.
On the other hand if one values equality of outcome regardless of the level of service and the mentally debilitating impact on a nation’s citizenry (look at riots in Greece and France from people not receiving benefits that are simply impossible to deliver), then this law is spot on.
We fought the Revolutionary War over much less than this.

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