The EU Does a Great Thing!

October 17, 2010

Okay, so you know that headline is a red herring.
The EU is on track to reduce its carbon emissions by 20%. Now I read something like that, and without knowing any of the details, I already know it can’t be true. I’ll allow that it may be technically true, but in any real sense it simply can not be true.
Today, The Guardian became my friend (probably, just for today).
Oddly, it turns out that while carbon emissions for goods produced in the EU have declined, the emissions created in the production of goods consumed by people residing in the EU have gone up by 40%. This is no mean trick for a region whose population is relatively stable.
So, while they may have been successful in outsourcing their CO2 emissions (and jobs) to China, they haven’t been very successful in much else. Well, other than being an annoyance to anyone trying to craft serious energy policy. But, worldwide, that can’t be more than four or five people tops.

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