October 14, 2010

Email exchange; Read from bottom;
My reply:
It is kind of hard to see which state would be the Reps’ 51st, but I see Obama’s actions as just as likely to stiffen the resolve of Reps and Inds to vote as they are to whip up his base.
Kind of like the move to disenfranchise military voters in Illinois. It may work, but with the Internet it’s harder not to provoke a backlash.
Friend’s email:
I dunno, man.  Nate Silver seems to be saying that it is working this year.  If the GOP slipped three weeks running and there are three weeks to go, I’d just keep doing a lot more of the same if I were BHO. 


Of course, I’m just taking the NYT’s word for what Silver’s research actually shows. 

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