October 4, 2010

Email exchange; Read from bottom
My reply;
Republicans don’t do this so much, but Democrats have been more successful getting completely unknowns into the White House. There’s probably something significant in that.
Given what I’ve seen, someone like Christie who actually has experience in cutting budgets could make a run for it. He has no foreign policy experience, but look who he’ll be running against.
Friend’s email; Oct 4, 2010 09:52:17

I live in New England.  I try to be quaint when I can, if only to keep the tourists coming back.
My reply;

I do see your point. I was just trying to be contrary. Still, it just seems so quaint to think of anyone caring about the line between politics, opinion, and media.
Friend’s email ; Oct 4, 2010 08:02:55

Is that original?  Copyrighted?  If yes and no, consider it jacked. 

 My concern about the candidates and Fox is not that they are working there; it’s that they have media contracts at all.  While I like the analogy, I’d say that loitering is still loitering — go get a real job. 
I like the fact that America has Friedmans and Ingrahams and even Olbermen (okay, maybe not Olberman), but I like them in their boxes and real candidates in theirs.  If Huck wants to cross over, that’s fine.  Just don’t try to come back, because you’ve entered the Buchanan Zone as far as I’m concerned.
I’m looking at the governors because Lugar is too old and mild.  That’s what I’ve got. 


My reply;
Does sound vaguely damning.
On the other hand, given that Fox is the only one that will employ conservative voices, isn’t that a bit like condemning a person for loitering, when he’s standing in the only place in town the powers that be will allow him to occupy?
A bit of a Catch-22.
Unless Romney strongly repudiates Romney-care, he’s DOA in 2012. Perhaps, he can spin it somehow that he’s uniquely positioned to find the right course, given that he has already had the experience of running his ship aground. But such a Hazwelwood Gambit doesn’t sound particularly compelling.
Friend’s email; Oct 4, 2010 05:51:04 AM
They being the paranoid left.  Of course, when they shout it, I dismiss it.  But when Politico and the Post comment on it, it is hard to disagree.
 Politico.com recently pointed out that Romney is the only prominent GOP possibility for president not bound by a commentator’s contract with Fox News.

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