Meet David Kahane

October 3, 2010

No one (well not the public anyway) knows who he is. or so I think, but his satire (if it is satire) is hysterical and on-target.
His identity may have been made public recently, but I’m not sure it’s all that important to know who he is.
Here’s something about him. . .
According to his bio on National Review David Kahane is:

a peaceful and tolerant liberal writer in Hollywood who loves his fellow men, and women, unless they’re closet conservatives or Jon Voigt or David Zucker or Kelsey Grammer or Robert Downey, Jr., or Angelina Jolie, or Bruce Willis or Jay Leno or Pat Boone or Orson Bean or a bunch of other people you used to like.

But the real truth is David Kahane is the Pseudonym for the second best writer at Big (next to me, although my wife things that he is number one), whose new book, written under the Kahane name, is a wonderful satirical look at the state of American politics. Read the excerpt and then buy the book.”
Anyway, the one below gets at something that I’ve thought, but never written (believe it or not), That when it comes to gun fighting with Liberals, Conservatives routinely bring knives.
If you like it he has an extensive archive:

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