As I recall. . .

September 29, 2010

. . . there was some speculation in these quarters as to whether the Obama administration was brilliant, tone deaf, incompetent, or making “rookie mistakes” that would inevitably be corrected.
With this latest barrage of “it’s the voter’s fault” and “Fox News is the culprit, ” I think it’s safe to conclude the veneer has come off his contempt for a large part, if not a majority, of the country. So, it’s kind of none of the above, but in terms of getting a message out you’d have to call this political incompetence.
The country is not likely to forget this.
He can’t tack to the center because in his universe he is the center. It would take years of therapy to convince him otherwise.
When Michelle said her husband’s success was the first time in her adult lifetime she was proud of her country, she was expressing exactly what she felt. She didn’t realize this might not be a good thing to say, probably because everyone she knew felt the same way.
I mean, really. Think about the specificity of her quote; She qualifies her lack of pride as occuring in “my adult lifetime.” It’s a considered position, not a blanket statement made by someone caught up in the moment.
The thought process goes something like this. “Yes, there were times during my childhood I was proud of my country, but when I matured, I came to realize there wasn’t really anything to be proud of until now. Certainly, a country where a person like me can get a $300,000 a year job because my husband happens to be a Senator is a vile, evil place.”
Okay the thought process probably didn’t go precisely like that, but you’d really have to be reaching to believe she meant anything other than what she actually said.
A quick search of the Internet for quotes from either of them expressing similar feelings would yield much.
What do you get when gaffe after gaffe is allowed to fall like a tree in the forest? You get a President like our current one. But when the formerly adoring crowds feel they’ve been betrayed, it gets ugly.

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