Higher Education

September 21, 2010

rarely agree with what this improbably-named columnist has to say.

This would be the exception. As you know, I simply don’t get why college has to be so expensive.


The combination of overbuilding, top-heavy administrations, and vanity departments has created an untenable situation.

What’s a vanity department? Just about any department that is name <fill in the blank> Studies. These departments often have very few students. If you think about the salaries of the professors, the overhead in supporting them, and the office and classroom space you have to build for them, I’m guessing it all adds up.

Froma (really, what kind of name is that?) criticizes football teams on not making money. Perhaps, that’s true. Still, I’m not sure she’s considering the impact of not having a football team on alumni donations.

On the other hand, since the majority of students on college campuses are women, perhaps, colleges will have to focus on something else to keep their alumni engaged.

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