In the Balance; What Terry Jones tells us

September 9, 2010

If the balance of power in our Middle-Eastern efforts can be upset by a Pastor with a flock of 50, we may as well pull out now and husband our resources.

If the President is true to his word and begins a pullout from Afghanistan in July, then, again, we should leave now. No sane Afghan would commit to our side under these circumstances. Better to hedge one’s bets with the Taliban.

Asking our men in uniform to continue to die in the meantime is immoral. We simply don’t have the will to kill enough people or to stay long enough to make a sufficient impression. When I say stay long enough, I mean a generation or two.

Dinesh D’Souza has an interesting piece in Forbes magazine, trying to divine the mind of Obama. He presents evidence that Obama’s guiding philosophy is that of an anticolonialist, quoting from “Dreams from my Father.” Obama’s father not coincidentally, was an avowed anticolonialist. Notice the operative word in the title is “from,” not “of.”

D’Souza’s point is that Obama’s fathers dreams are his own dreams.

It’s worth a read, as D’Souza’s contention is that seeing Obama through this prism knits what otherwise appears to be contradictory positions into a consistent world view.

D’Souza doesn’t say it, but you could derive from his view that Obama is not post-American, but rather, anti-American.



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