Why businesses aren’t hiring.

September 6, 2010

Why Obama’s contention that his forbearance from nationalizing the banks and not pressing for single payer healthcare doesn’t make independents think he’s a moderate. And doesn’t make small businesses happy.

The disconnect between the Obama administration and everyone else except Liberals (who still, apparently, believe that if Obama would just spend more money and be more “progressive,” then everything would be much better.


The thing I find most amazing about the editorial is the apparent belief by the administration that they should be seen as pro small business. What’s even more amazing is their belief it’s a matter of message and Republican spin, rather than their policies.

Not everyone is this delusional. Apparently, not a single Democrat has created a political ad trumpeting their support for the Health Care Bill, and several are running ads declaring they didn’t vote for it.

What a self-created mess. Still, if Health Care isn’t repealed they will succeed in their grand mission of expanding Federal power into more aspects of our lives. This sadly must provide them solace.



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