Value of a College Education

September 6, 2010

As a sophomore, I really couldn’t figure how society benefited from the amount of capital being devoted to higher education. I was of two minds about this. First, most colleges have no core curriculum. You could pretty much study whatever you wanted and get the same degree. Much of this curriculum was utter garbage.

I reasoned, therefore, if it didn’t matter what I studied, then it didn’t matter whether I studied it. Even if it did matter, the institution devoted so much resources to amenities and courses which had no relevance or worse, were actively anti-Western, that the price tag for the whole exercise was at least twice as much as it needed to be.

Fortunately, most students appeared to disregard the overtly political message being foisted upon them. So, it wasn’t a complete disaster. And there is truly a need for vocational training, like engineering, computer science, pre-med courses, and other such things.

Along this theme, Michael Barone opines we are in the middle of an education bubble where easy government money has boosted demand for this product far and beyond any value it delivers.

The thing that bothers me about my own point-of-view is that I do think it’s important to teach history and related subjects. Except my idea would be to require a core curriculum in our own Civilization. Unfortunately, the muddle of multi-culturalist clap-trap being taught now may be more destructive than not teaching anything at all.


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