Toy Story 3

July 12, 2010

Okay, I just saw Toy Story 3 with my son. It was his first movie theater experience, and it went well.

So, why am I writing? To express my admiration for the writing team. This series never jumped the shark even though it had all the potential to let that happen after the first one.

At the climax of the first film the toys revealed themselves as animate objects to the villain, scaring him straight. Lazy screenwriters would have just ended the sequels in the same manner. This would have made the movies predictable and unsatisfying.

Instead the toys did not reveal themselves as animate objects after the first installment. I suspect the writers realized how this would have ruined the sequels and held back. They went up the ramp at the end of the first movie, then turned back brilliantly.

You know I have to say something political. And I’m not making this up. Just before the credits hit, I realized that the movie was so good I had forgotten Obama was President during most of it.

That was pure bliss.


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