I believe this will continue. . .

June 4, 2010

. . .until business feels that the Federal government values what they do rather than what their tax dollars can do. Ironically, it looks to me that the Feds are hostile to just about any form of business, except finance.

Although, I haven’t looked into the Financial Reform Bill that closely.

U.S. nonfarm payrolls expanded by a seasonally adjusted 431,000 in May, but virtually all the new jobs were temporary jobs at the U.S. Census, leaving private-sector hiring very weak, the Labor Department reported. Excluding 411,000 temporary Census workers, payrolls rose by 20,000 in May. Economists polled by MarketWatch had been expecting an increase of 540,000 including the Census workers. The unemployment rate fell to a seasonally adjusted 9.7% in May from 9.9% in April, according to a separate survey of 60,000 households. The decline wasn’t particularly good news, however, because the drop was due to 322,000 people dropping out of the labor force.



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