Where do you freakin’ start?

May 24, 2010

First, let’s just revel in the competence, compared to Bush experience in the Gulf.


Europe drowns in a sea of red ink.

<<No link necessary>>

63% of voting public wants to repeal health care, figuring, among other things, that as goes Europe so goes the US


In a state with public servants retiring at age 55, the only thing Democrats can think of to reduce the deficit is to raise taxes.


The President of Mexico excoriates the United States; Congress cheers.


The administration tries to buy off Representative Sestak from opposing Arlen Specter.


The concern that the country is spinning out of control is growing so great that Rand Paul could call for the outright repeal of the Civil Rights Act and he’d still have a chance to win in November.


And I’m still mad the national press didn’t do a Nancy Reagan on Michelle Obama. (Yes, I know there is no justice on earth.)


Rasmussen has Obama back down to negative 18. Yes, I check this every morning. When it goes down I feel better.


But there’s hope that speaking plainly is still admired in America.


And that’s all I have to say about that.


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