January 23, 2010

Stephanopoulos’ interview is probably one of the better glimpses into the President’s post-Massachusetts mind. You can draw your own conclusions.


STEPHANOPOULOS: But we’re not there right now. How much of that is your fault that republicans and democrats haven’t come together?

OBAMA: You know, we have a political culture that has built up over time that has gotten more and more polarized. My hope was a year ago today when I was being sworn in that reversing that process was going to be easier partly because we were entering into a crisis situation and I thought that the urgency of the moment would allow us to join together and make common cause. That hasn’t happened. Some of it, frankly, is I think a strategic decision that was made on the side of the opposition that…

I have to say that during the campaign I believe I said that what Obama meant when he said come together is that everyone should just agree with him. I have come to believe that and more. The more is that I don’t think he’s had a setback in his adult life. He’s been around people who’ve been building him up and telling him what a consensus-maker he is.

It’s been easy, Community organizer, state senator, US Senator. Even while he was running for President, other than attaining the offices he had, his biggest qualification for being President was that he was, apparently, good at running for President. Surely, this must be a great administrator. Just listen to him!

Anyway, I think he’s been surrounded by people who agree with him for years and years and years. I really don’t think he’s used to dealing with people opposed to his ideas, and his first reaction is outright denial or to think that there must be something wrong with such people. Then he figures if they don’t like what he’s doing, it’s because he hasn’t explained it to them well enough. He says this over and over again that he (always he) needs to spend more time getting the message out. That when people understand it (all 2,000 pages, in the case of health care) they’ll like it.

I think this view permeates (read: pollutes) his approach to foreign policy as well In shorthand he thinks he can charm our enemies over to his way of thinking. When they don’t immediately fall in line, he just figures they need more time to come around to his way of thinking.

I admit my view is extreme, but it takes an extreme personality to even want to be President and to get through the grind of it all. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if the men who end up in the offices tend to be extreme in one way or another?


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