Why would Massacnusetts not like ObamaCare?

January 20, 2010

“Massachusetts passed a prototype of the Obama plan in 2006, and residents have since watched as their insurance premiums have risen to the highest in the nation, budget costs have soared, and bureaucrats are planning far more draconian regulation of medical practice. Mr. Brown accurately said the national sequel would be too expensive and reduce the quality of care, and that it would be a “raw deal” forcing Massachusetts taxpayers to subsidize all other states.”

You don’t have to read the first page of this 2,000 page bill to know that inevitably prices are going to go up and services are going to go down, and there will be 200,000 new government workers all voting Folks in this blue state know a lousy deal when they see one.


National Review once thought Jim Webb may have served to be the forty-first vote against ObamaCare. He may not actually cast the vote himself, but he’s looking to allow Brown the opportunity to do so:


Okay, that’s enough fun for one day. Happy Anniversary, Mr. President!


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