Negative fourteen? That and a potential explanation as to why from Fred Barnes

August 23, 2009

I didn’t realize the President sat in for half an inning at the All Star Game. It vaguely rings a bell, but I didn’t pay it much mind apparently.

This one from Steyn is just an addenda. I just liked it because he pointed out Obama claimed Medicare was a great success and an impending disaster all in the same speech.

“But the silver-tongued salesman sails on. Why be scared of a government health program? After all, says the president, “Medicare is a government program that works really well,” and if “we’re able to get something right like Medicare,” we should have more “confidence” about being able to do it for everyone.

On the other hand, says the president, Medicare is “unsustainable” and “running out of money.”

By the way, unlike your run-of-the-mill politician’s contradictory statements, these weren’t made a year or even a week apart, but during the same presidential speech in Portsmouth, N.H. ”

Okay, here’s one more from Noonan on how even if they win on health care, he loses because the political cost will be too high. It’s early to make this statement, but I’m going to make it anyway. If they pass health care in this kind of environment, the Republicans would stand a chance to take back the House and the Senate just on a promise to repeal what was just done.

The economy may have picked up by then, but, quite frankly, I doubt it. It’ll be up, but not by enough to overcome the feeling of a breached trust. Clinton came back from defeats by moving toward the center. Obama had the most liberal voting record in the Senate. He would have to overcome himself to do a similar thing. I don’t see it, but I didn’t see it with Clinton either.

We’ll see if he can put it back together, but he’s not used to talking specifics to Moderates and Conservatives. And when it comes to health care people will tend to look at the specifics.

William Kristol points out that Republicans can honestly say their opposition to health care is not political as they are backing the President in his dealings with Afghanistan. Pelosi’s (and several others) have been exposed (again) on this one as a hypocrite, as she starts to grow cold on the war she says was the one worth fighting.

Cap and what?


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