So goes Iran?

June 26, 2009

A note to a friend:

Just curious if Obama’s behavior toward Iran makes you think any differently about the significance of Obama’s treatment of Chavez in May.

The man who ran against Chavez in 2006 applied and received asylum in Peru just a few days after the much-discussed bro shake. Of course, I don’t know that he is innocent of the charges Chavez is leveling at him, and I don’t know that our President’s comity with Chavez was a factor in Rosales’ decision to leave.

But, like our non-response to Russia’s campaign against opponents of its regime, little things add up.


A reply from a friend:

In so far as it is indicative of a pattern of moral relativism, yes,

the friendliness towards Chavez was troubling. Waiting 7 days to issue a statement in support of Iranians protesting for free and fair elections — in the face of violent state suppression — was inexcusable.

I think this is a real issue of vulnerability for Obama. Domestically he tilts at every windmill in an epic struggle against the “defenders of the status quo.” And yet, internationally, this administration seem willing to do almost anything to justify, and even defend, the status quo. I never imagined myself saying this but where is Hillary Clinton’s voice? She was ready to obliterate Iran nine months ago…


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