Outrage; Give me a break!

May 26, 2009


Outrage? North Korea’s testing of a nuclear weapon couldn’t possibly cause outrage. Well, I suppose it can, but thats akin to my being outraged that Alexander spilled his milk at dinner.

The Free Dictionary (hopefully worth more than the price) defines outrage as “deep indignation, anger, or resentment.” Indignation? I probably should look that one up as well, but what did the world’s leaders expect?

I’m still waiting for Dear Leader (sorry, I mean Obama) to tell Kim Jong il that his actions are a distraction from nationalizing US health care, so would he please get with the program? I’m also waiting for him to tell Iran (I can’t spell Ahmadinejad off the top of my head) the same thing.

You people are distracting me from the important stuff a slim majority of the US population wants me to do!! And I’m outraged!!

Unless one is prepared to use force against these regimes, then we might as well just shut up because that’s the only thing that works when two or more countries are working from different frames of reference. Except biding for time of course, which is what Iran and North Korea have been doing while we talk to them about undoing what is it is they are doing while they bide their time.

If I weren’t so freaking scared of who is running the foreign policy apparatus of my country right now I’d probably write something sarcastic, like “Let’s see how well ‘Smart Power’ deals with these crises.”

I just did a google search of Hillary and North Korea. The first result is an article by a woman named Hillary in the Jerusalem Post. This is the second, and I kid you not it was written in February about Hillary’s naivete in regards to North Korea.


If you don’t think that’s fair do the same thing substituting “Obama” for “Hillary.” You’ll find several articles with “outrage” within Lexis distance of “Obama.” I suppose Ms. Smart Power gets every other nuclear crisis off.

It’s almost as if all the problems of the world don’t start and end with George Bush.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ A friend’s reply:

I was listening to NPR this morning, and they had a clip from John Kerry (Chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee), who said (I’m paraphrasing) “the Obama administration has made it clear that they are willing to negotiate. I don’t understand why they would do this…”
Can the Democrats be that naive?

My reply:


They simultaneously believe that you can’t impose Western values on other cultures while mistakenly believing that all people universally hold the only-recently-developed Western value of “agreeing to disagree,” not to mention the virtue of Democracy.

It truly is amazing.

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