March 1, 2009

Any look at history will tell you that neither Conservatives or Liberals have a monopoly on corruption. But there is a certain style of corruption that to my admittedly biased eye is practiced on the Left much more often than it is on the right. That is lying about what you believe or what you’re out to achieve.

Right or wrong conservatives and libertarians tend to be fairly straightforward. They may change positions, like Romney on abortion, but to change positions demonstrates you had a well-known position to begin with.

Rahm Emanual has said that one shouldn’t let a good crisis go to waste, meaning that’s the time to slip stuff by when everyone’s too worried to notice. He’s actually proud of this, and I suppose from his perspective, it’s just politics.

My most recent example of this is the Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Legal Counsel who is shocked to find out she compared pregnancy to involuntary servitude, and therefore, in some ways subject to the thirteenth amendment. Her argumentation is novel in the sense it can pervert the Constitution to mean whatever she wants it to mean, which is in itself a hallmark of Liberal methodology.

I’ve copied the reference below, but forgetting about this one case, am on to something here or is it just that I’m more likely to take a conservative argument at face value than I am a liberal one?

As I write this, I simultaneously lean toward concluding its the latter while firmly believing it’s the former.

DOJ Nominee Shocked€™ by Her Own Words

Surprised at her own argument, Johnsen now says she did not mean what
she plainly wrote.

By Andrew C. McCarthy


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