November 24, 2008

A friend sent a link with the following note:

Are they really so stupid that they didn’t see this coming? I don’t mean Emmanuel in particular, but did they really think they had any pull?

My reply:

When I read the term, “stupid” in your email, I reflexively thought you were referring to Republicans. Off topic, but worthy of note.

There are a lot of people who are hoping that Obama will end America’s pro-Israel stance. I think Jesse Jackson said as much recently. I love the line in the article which talks about being open to other views on the Middle East conflict. Sadly, I can’t help but believe what those people really mean is be open to the destruction of Israel as a state.

Obama banked on ambiguity to get where he is, and the people put their faith in him. Reagan got there through clearly defining himself, and the times became right for him; kind of like Churchill.

We’ll now get to see how well Obama’s approach works.



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