Double Standard

October 2, 2008

Coulter’s column doesn’t absolve Palin from her weak, recent performances. Yet it does speak to a double standard. Reagan had to deal with the same thing, but the press had to hide its bias more in those days and he managed to hide his contempt for them fairly well. And he just stuck to his game plan. I recall Carter making fun of him for saying pollution came from trees (yes, Reagan did say that), and he still creamed him in the debate.

We’ll see what happens, but it seems the only thing preventing China from taking over Asia and Africa, any remaining allies in South America falling to leftist insurgents, and the resurgence of productivity-killing, independent-thinking-hating labor unions is a halfway decent performance by her tomorrow.

A friend replies:

Well aren’t you mister gloomy tonight.

My reply:

Actually, I haven’t even begun to get gloomy. Those were just the first few consequences that came to mind. It’s kind of the opposite of the idea that it will be the moment the oceans began to subside.



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