September 10, 2008

I have been no fan of Sally Quinn since the day I became aware of her. That day was over twenty-seven years ago when she falsely accused Zbigniew Brzeinski of unzipping his fly in her presence. Yes, I have a very long and unforgiving memory.


You would think the Brzeinski story would be a hard thing to get wrong, and you would think that having gotten something like this wrong, the reporter would be gone. Alas, that’s not how the media used to work. The injustice that is Sally Quinn’s continued career is explained very well in this next link Prelude; it has something to do with lust and liberal hypocrisy (kind of like Elliott Spitzer, only worse). It’s a long account, but it’s important for reasons that extend far beyond dear Sally Quinn.

The article helps explain why the media are not going to be able to undue Sarah Palin because the public is on to their (admitted in this case) selective outrage and reporting.



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