September 3, 2008

A friend writes:

Nice speech and delivery by Palin…looks like it’s GAME ON.

I reply:

I’ve been generally favorable of McCain’s choice. I think she did a fairly effective job of calling Obama an empty suit as well as pointing out Russia’s designs on the Georgian pipeline, which is one of those geopolitical subtleties that seems lost on Obama and Biden.

Hillary won the election when her opponent tried to bully her at a debate. Wolfson just credited her with a nice job of knifing Obama with a smile on her face. He also said Biden better bring his A game to the debate on October 2. I think she’s going to wipe up the floor with him.

He’s only good when it’s a one-way conversation, like in a confirmation hearing.


One Response to “”

  1. Nelson Says:

    Boy! Was I wrong!

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